I know that people mean well when they respond to depression by saying “Cheer up!” or “You’ve got to stay positive!”, but that’s almost always the wrong thing to say to someone who is feeling depressed. Essentially the message is “Don’t feel the way you feel! Feel a different way!” If it were that easy, no one would ever be depressed.


If someone you care about is experiencing depression, listen to what they have to say. Acknowledge their depression for what it is. It’s okay to say “That sucks” and really let them know that you recognize how awful it is to be depressed. If they want to talk in depth about it, listen and respond as constructively as you can. If they just want someone to be there without having to talk about it then just be there with them. If they need space give them space. Basically take them at their word that they are depressed and try to provide them with the kind of support they need.


Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled program! *fart noise, dick joke, talking animal*