I always find it hilarious (see: infuriating) when people go on about “We shouldn’t promote body positivity or fat acceptance! It’s so unhealthy!” and then those same people are completely silent about the constant images of size 0 women that permeate the media.


When a model who was on magazine covers in size 2 dresses (a size only shared by a tiny percentage of women) criticizes a model who wears a size 14-16  (a size shared by most women in America) that’s when you know our conception of body image is fucked. Especially when you consider that she framed it as a health issue. Do people not realize how fucking unhealthy it is to try and convince every woman to be a size 2? Do they not realize that eating disorders are cultural ailments, not inherent neurological states? Plenty of women are naturally skinny, but spreading the idea that every woman should be a size 2 is far more damaging to the emotional and physical health of young girls than body positivity or fat acceptance.


If people actually cared about the health of women then they’d have something to say about promoting dangerously skinny body ideals instead of only focusing on the bodies of bigger (see: average… fucking AVERAGE) women.